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Ketagalan Project - Episode 25: China on the Brink
September 12, 2014 02:33 PM PDT
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For anyone interested in Taiwan, China is the big, fat dragon in the room. We caught up with China commentator Gordon Chang right after the protests in Hong Kong two weeks ago. Gordon has written a book called The Coming Collapse of China in 2001, and writes for Forbes, World Affairs Journal, and other foreign policy publications. We ask him about geopolitics in Asia, what advice he gives to the next US and Taiwan presidents, and how he responds to criticism that he is a China alarmist.

The Debrief, Sep. 9, 2014
September 09, 2014 11:30 AM PDT
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This week we tell you about Taiwan's latest food oil safety scandal, NATO's discussion on the Islamic State after two US journalists were beheaded on camera, the race for submarines in the Western Pacific and Scotland's independence referendum.

Ketagalan Project - Episode 24: Tainan Cultural Capital
September 05, 2014 03:52 PM PDT
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As part of our 2014 Taiwan mid-term local elections coverage, we caught up with the mayor of Tainan Lai Ching-te (賴清德) right before his flight while visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. He is generally seen as a potential future leader of the party, but some have also criticized him as pro-business and too soft on China---until a few months ago in June, he said that Taiwan independence is a societal consensus, at a public event in Shanghai.

The Debrief, Sep. 2, 2014
September 02, 2014 05:15 PM PDT
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This week we watch tensions between Hong Kong and China rise again as China proposes to control how candidates for chief executive elections are chosen; we also look at why Taiwanese businesses in China are not returning to Taiwan, and India's prime minister's first foreign trip--to Japan.

Ketagalan Project - Episode 23: Protests to Politics
August 29, 2014 02:44 PM PDT
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We talk to the two public faces of the movement---Lin Fei-fan (林飛帆) and Chen Wei-ting (陳為廷), in this exclusive interview. We ask them just how they have been pushing for their goals, even as the student activist coalition ended; we ask them whether they will run for office; and what they thought about Chinese students increasingly becoming active in Taiwan. In short, all of us want to know: how do you go from protester to political leader? Click above to listen to the interview in Mandarin, or read the transcripts below.

The Debrief, Aug. 26, 2014
August 26, 2014 02:33 PM PDT
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From comparing minimum wages in Taiwan and Korea, to another Taiwanese food conglomerate with Chinese business interest buying cable operator CNS, and the case of James Risen, national security and press freedom.

Ketagalan Project - Episode 22: Yunlin Farmville
August 22, 2014 05:00 PM PDT
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We have a special occasion to talk to Mr. Wolf Wu in his campaign headquarters in Yunlin, to find out about local politics in Taiwan. Wolf is the Democratic Progressive Party’s nominated candidate for County Council in Yunlin’s 3rd district.

The Debrief, Aug. 19, 2014
August 19, 2014 03:49 PM PDT
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This week we look at oil in Libya, police militarization in Ferguson Missouri, and another splinter group from the Sunflower Movement. Common themes include social unrest that is deeply rooted in race and a feeling of powerlessness over the economy...

Ketagalan Project - Episode 21: The Third Son
August 15, 2014 07:26 AM PDT
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The Third Son is an American novel that tells the story of a boy who grew up in between the Japanese colonial period, and the early years of Chinese Nationalist rule in Taiwan. Chieh-Ting Yeh and Jonathan Lee talk to the author Julie Wu in an irreverent conversation about literature, history, movies and everything in between.

The Debrief, August 12 2014
August 12, 2014 01:32 PM PDT
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A review of this week's stories: update on conflict in Ukraine, protests by Hualong Textile's former employees who never received their pension and severance pays, more old heritage sites in Taipei under threat by developers, and China's influence in arms trade in Africa.

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